Twin Cities PCA Choice

Get paid to be a family caregiver in the Twin Cities region. For people who need help at home due to age, disability, or chronic illness. Our clients can choose their own caregivers, and the caregivers get paid by us through the PCA Choice program.

Twin Cities PCA Choice Provider:
Whom We Help

As a Minnesota provider for PCA Choice in the Twin Cities region, we offer these services to specific populations with special needs:

If PCA Choice may benefit you or someone you look after, please do not hesitate to contact Global Health Link to discuss qualifications and services.

Twin Cities PCA Choice Provider:
Choosing a Caregiver

When qualified people need help at home for day-to-day activities, supporting their health and safety, they can receive Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Services. In the Twin Cities region, people have a choice to simply let Global Health Link send our formally trained, well screened, professionally supervised, and highly qualified personal care aides. Alternatively, clients can elect the PCA choice program which supports people in choosing their own caregivers. Under this program, you can recruit and hire almost anyone you want. Global Health Link clients in the PCA Choice program often choose their own family members or close personal friends to be their helpers, paid through the state.

Family Members Who May NOT Be Paid Caregivers

Family Members Who May be Paid Caregivers only Under Certain Circumstances (Hardship Waiver Required)

Other family members generally qualify: nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc. Family friends can also be good choices. Paid PCA Choice caregivers must be age 16 or older and must have a clear criminal history.

Twin Cities PCA Choice Provider:
Agency Services

How the Agency Helps with PCA Choice Caregiving

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