Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

Mental health services developed to provide restorative rehabilitative interventions for people, under age 21, who have an emotional disturbance resulting in the child being developmentally behind same-age peers. Global Health Link delivers CTSS services in the comfort of your own home and/or in community settings.

CTSS Services

CTSS Skills Training

Under our Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports program, skills Training refers to teaching and practicing the behavioral skills that have not been developed or that can replace maladaptive skills developed due to the emotional disturbance.

CTSS Psychotherapy

This service consists of planned, structured, face-to-face treatment aimed at addressing the cognitive and emotional issues and processes resulting from the diagnosed mental health condition and addressing its causes. CTSS psychotherapy can include cognitive-behavioral skills such as mindfulness, cognitive restructuring or insight and understanding.

Mental Health Behavioral Aide

A Global Health Link Mental Health Behavioral Aide (MHBA) is a specially trained helper working under the direction of a mental health professional or mental health practitioner. Our MHBAs help children with emotional disturbances practice skills, as taught by the professional or practitioner, in the child’s home, school or community setting.

CTSS Crisis Assistance

In this part of the Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports program, we develop an individualized crisis plan with the family to use if a future crisis occurs as a result of the diagnosed emotional disturbance. It addresses the known symptoms and behaviors of the child and identifies resources useful for the family.

If CTSS may benefit your family, please do not hesitate to contact Global Health Link to discuss qualifications and services.

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