About Global Health Link

Since 2007, we have served Greater Minneapolis as a state-licensed, Medicaid-certified provider of at-home and community-based services - all focused on helping people receive the support services they need in the least restrictive, most community-integrated settings possible. We operate from five locations across Greater Minneapolis.

What is Global Health?

Global health has a dual meaning. Firstly, it refers to overall wellness. Global health is more than having diseases medically managed. It is about wellbeing in all domains such as nutrition, home safety, social, mental, and behavioral. For us, Global health also refers to our diverse community, with people who have backgrounds from all over the globe. As we are often guests in the homes of our clients, we dedicate ourselves to delivering home and community-based services in ways that are inclusive, culturally adept, and respectful.

Innovative. Interdisciplinary. Individualized.

Global Health Link stands apart as a premier provider of a comprehensive range of services, many of which are innovative in their ability to fill gaps in the healthcare system, and all of which are person-centered. Every service we provide begins with a global review of individual needs. We develop service plans, in collaboration with clients and their families, designed to support overall wellbeing/global health. Our team involves many different types of caring professionals including nurses, direct care workers, behavioral health professionals, positive support professionals, certified nursing assistants, caregivers, case managers, and more. This innovative, interdisciplinary, individualized approach is how we support each and every client in Global Health.

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